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Your undies are an intimate part of your wardrobe, and you should be taking special care to wash them properly.

Whether it is a string thong or a bralette, here are some tips on how to do just that!

When washing your underwear, make sure they are clean before you put them in the washing machine.

A clean pair of underwear is the perfect way to start your day. Before you do laundry, make sure that you wash yours! Hand-washing or using a delicate cycle will help get stubborn stains out so they don't linger on forever for all those people who come in contact with them after washing and drying.

Lingerie should be washed separately from other laundry.

Quick tip: Wash separately from the rest of your clothes.

Once they're clean, place them into a mesh lingerie bag or pillowcase (or any other sturdy fabric) so they don't get tangled with other laundry items.

Quick tip: Try to avoid warm water!

Next, use cold water when you wash your undergarments as it will help prevent shrinking and fading due to heat exposure. Try to avoid hot water as much as possible.

Air dry your underwear made of viscose from bamboo is important.

And last but not least - air dry!

Air drying your underwear made of bamboo viscose is important. It'll keep them nice and fresh!

Did you know that air-drying your clothing will help maintain its quality? The fibers are more durable when they're not dried in a machine, which causes the fabric to prematurely break down.

Underwear made of viscose from Bamboo should be taken care of delicately. We hope this article with tips and tricks helped you understand the importance of doing so.


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