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Liz L. (verified owner)

I used to only wear Calvin Klein till I found Bamboo. The material is so much more comfortable. I used to say Calvin’s were my favorite underwear, now I tell everyone about Bamboo. The color choices are great. I have to wash my sets multiple times a week because I only want to wear Bamboo and the color hasn’t changed.

Sonya P. (verified owner)

Been a huge fan of BAMBOO for over 4 months now, and I love all their products 😍 BUT THIS.. oh lord.. THESE LEGGINGS ARE MY LIFE 🙌 I gym, drum, run, walk my dog, go to school, sleep, etc you name it, I do it all in these pair of leggings ♥️

Isabelle C. (verified owner)

The softest most adapting set of underwear I’ve ever tried on. I have small boobs and this sports bra actually fits them. Plus the thong is so comfy you don’t even feel it and it makes your butt look amazing. Would forever recommend!

Chelsey T. (verified owner)

Soooo beyond soft! Softer than any other pair of lounge type underwear I have ever purchased. Also keeps its colour even after a couple washes! I have the green set and it is still just like new! I LOVE it!

Emily B. (verified owner)

Love this set and can’t wait for more styles to be released! I was obsessed with meundies but Bamboo bra’s are so much more well made and the fabric is so so comfy! 💖

Jason B. (verified owner)

My girlfriend looks great in them.

Sara B. (verified owner)

I feel sexy and badass wearing it!

Khate B. (verified owner)

the fabric & fitting is amazing!!! ❤


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