What is Viscose From Bamboo

What is Viscose From Bamboo?

Viscose from bamboo, otherwise known as bamboo viscose, is a fabric that will make you feel like you are wearing clouds. Bamboo viscose also comes by the name bamboo rayon.

The viscose process is quite simple. Viscose is made by dissolving wood pulp.

Viscose is a material that's lightweight and soft to the touch. It is used widely for different type of bamboo products, such as bamboo bedding, bamboo sheets, clothes, and so on.

About our fabrics

All BAMBOO™ viscose from bamboo is made with organically grown bamboo from FSC certified farms. The farm where the bamboo is grown is certified organic by EcoCert. Our products also carry the Oeko Tex 100 standard certification which states that there are no chemicals present in the product that would be harmful to human health, including that of babies.

We also sometimes use other fabrics with - always - one goal in mind: create the most comfortable underwear brand on the planet.

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