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Are you looking for a new set of underwear, but don't know where to start? Our bamboo bralette is perfect for everyone! It has five different features and a special fabric that will make it your new favorite set.

A bralette is a type of woman's bra, typically worn as an alternative to a standard bralette. They are increasing in popularity due to the many benefits they have over bras: more comfortable for all day wear, no show-through with thin or tight clothing (especially important during cold or hot weather), and better support.

The best part about bralettes made of viscose from bamboo? They are so soft! In fact, our signature fabric makes them way more comfortable than cotton underwear.

Why a Bamboo Bralette is the best!

  1. Made from sustainable, quality material from bamboo
  2. Looks great with any outfit
  3. Breathable and comfortable for all day wear
  4. No more bra strap marks on your shoulders!
  5. Bralettes made of viscose from bamboo are also anti-microbial, which means they will keep you feeling fresher for longer

If you've been looking for a comfortable, breathable and chic bralette to wear with any outfit, our bamboo bralettes are the perfect choice. Made from sustainable viscose that comes from bamboo plants instead of cotton, these natural fibers provide high elasticity and durability, while also being eco-friendly.

And here's why you should pick us for your next bralette... (hint: we also offer free shipping)

We also have different styles of bamboo bralettes, and so many colors. You'll be able to find your favorite bralette for any occasion.

With so many styles available in different colors, size and fabrics (including lace), we're sure you'll find your favorite bralette to wear!

We also offer free shipping, which makes it even more fun to shop! Last but not least, Bamboo Underwear offer a 30-day return guarantee. So you can stay comfortable and happy!

Search for yours today, view our customer reviews and add one to your cart!

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